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Course Syllabus

Laboratory Schedule
Date Instructor Topic
F 1/13 Urbauer Computer Setup and Linux Tutorial
F 1/20 Urbauer Classical Simulations of NMR Experiments with PjNMR
F 1/27 Urbauer Intro to data processing, weighting functions - MNova
F 2/3 Urbauer Advanced Data Processing - NMRPipe: Intro to Macros
[lab exercise and data]
F 2/10 Urbauer Data Display using NMR Draw
[lab exercise and data]
F 2/17 Urbauer Introduction to a general analysis tool: Maple
[lab exercise and data]
F 2/24 Urbauer Product Operator Manipulations using Maple
[lab exercise & data]
F 3/3   ----- midterm exam - no lab session -----
F 3/10 Urbauer Analysis of RDCs - REDCAT
[lab exercise & data]
F 3/17   Spring break - (no class)
F 3/24 Edison Metabolomics
[video of demonstration]
F 3/31 Urbauer Assignments using NMR View
[NMR View data]
F 4/7 Urbauer Assignments using NMR View II
F 4/14 Urbauer Structure Calculation with CNS
[CNS data]
F 4/21 Urbauer Ligand docking with HADDOCK
[HADDOCK data]