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Prestegard Lab Group Meeting Schedule
3:30 pm, Thursday, Admin. Conference Room #1, 2nd floor, CCRC


Date Speaker Presentation
Aug 17

Yizhou Liu

Part I: A Model of ARF-FAPP1 Complex on the Bicelle,
Part II: Alignment of Small Bicelles by PAG & Application to Protein/Membrane Interaction

Aug 31

John Glushka,
Adam Barb

Study of molecular interactions with 13C-DNP-NMR,
R1 measurement of Hyperpolarized nuclei
Sept 7 Khan Hekmatyar Recent developments in DNP
Sept 14 David Live Glycopeptide
Sept 21

Younghee Park

Proteins and GAGs interactions
Sept 28 Vitor Pomin Advances in 15N-NMR Spectroscopy of GAGs
Oct 5 James Prestegard Discussion about Bio analytical applications of NMR
Oct 14 Yizhou Liu Interview Practice presentation
Oct 21 Xu Wang CCL5 oligomerization & GAG interaction
Oct 26 Yizhou Liu Structure dynamics and lipid interaction of ARF
Nov 2 Wendy Nkari NMR assignment of 15N sparsely labeled large and glycosylated proteins
Nov 11 Chuck Mobley Progress with Siglec5 and RsR213d
Nov 18 Jack Lee Determining the solution structure Zinc Finger binding protein
Nov 25   Thanksgiving Day
Dec 2 Vitor Pomin Job interview practice
Dec 9 Jenny Yang's Lab Alice Cheng Zhang & Hing Wong
Dec 16 Laura Morris  
Dec 23   No group Meeting
Dec 30
Christmas Holiday

Group meetings are open to all interested guests.
If you would like to speak at a meeting, please contact the Group Meeting Coordinator.

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