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Assign SLP GUI source
v2.4.5 (387 MB)

Compiled Versions (uses MATLAB Runtime)
8 MB Windows (v2.4.7)
6 MB Linux (v2.4.5)

Contact: Robert Williams (

AssignSLP GUI is also available on NMRbox

Spin Relaxation Simulation
with MD and Spinach

[1.7 Mb MATLAB]

Contact: Dr. James H. Prestegard (

MD2NOE_Protein 1.2 (Gordon Chalmers)
Using a Molecular Dynamics Trajectory to Calculate NOEs of a Protein

ASSIGN_SLP_MD 1.0 (Gordon Chalmers)
ASSIGNments for Sparsely Labeled Proteins Using A Molecular Dynamics Trajectory

ASSIGN_SLP 1.12 (Qi Gao & Gordon Chalmers) Submitted 2016
ASSIGNments for Sparsely Labeled Proteins

CSCDP (Wendy Nkari) manuscript in preparation 2012
Chemical Shift Calculation for Chemically Denatured Proteins

REDCAT (Homayoun Valafar) J. Mag. Res. 167:228-241 2004
sidual Dipolar Coupling Analysis Tool

XRAMBO (Michael Andrec) J. Mag. Res. 130(2):217-232 1998
Bayesian statistical analysis of NMR data.

Orderten_SVD (Judit Losonczi) J. Mag. Res. 138(2):334-342 1999
Order matrix calculations by Singular Value Decomposition

SEASCAPE (Laura Morris) J. Biomol. NMR 29(1):1-9 2004
SEquential Assignment by Structure and Chemical shift
Assisted Probability Estimation