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UGA section of the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium

James H. Prestegard

Eminent Scholar of
NMR Spectroscopy

Professor of Chemistry
and Biochemistry

Prestegard Lab Software

REDCAT (Homayoun Valafar) J. Mag. Res. 167:228-241 2004
sidual Dipolar Coupling Analysis Tool

XRAMBO (Michael Andrec) J. Mag. Res. 130(2):217-232 1998
Bayesian statistical analysis of NMR data.

Orderten_SVD (Judit Losonczi) J. Mag. Res. 138(2):334-342 1999
Order matrix calculations by Singular Value Decomposition

SEASCAPE (Laura Morris) J. Biomol. NMR 29(1):1-9 2004
SEquential Assignment by Structure and Chemical shift
Assisted Probability Estimation

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